Featured Organists and Program

When In Our Music God is Glorified…   Prelude on ENGELBERG                         Joe Utterback

Prelude on BROTHER JAMES’S AIR                                                                                    Searle Wright

Carol-Prelude on GREENSLEEVES                                                                                      Searle Wright

Improvisation on IN THEE IS GLADNESS (In Dir ist Freude)                                    Michael Burkhardt


~ Clarice W. Stegall~

Wondrous Love, Variations on a Shape-Note Hymn, Op. 34                                 Samuel Barber

Organ Sonata in E-flat minor, Op. 65:  II. Andante IV. Fugue                                 Horatio Parker


~Alan Jordan~

Fanfare and Processional                                                                                                      Keith Chapman  

Four Improvisations on Gregorian Themes:                                                                 Everett Titcomb
II. Alleluia, Pascha Nostra


~Charles Manning~

Concert Variations on the Austrian Hymn, Op. 3, No. 1                                          John Knowles Paine

~Peter Rogahn~

Tiento de Batalla sobre la Balletto del Granduca                                                     Timothy Tikker


~Brad Hughley~

Five Dances for Organ:  Those Americans                                                                     Calvin Hampton

Evening Prayer I - based on “Jesus Loves Me” and “Geneva”                             Timothy Albrecht

In Mystery and Wonder: Toccata (“…His wonders to perform…”)                      Dan Locklair


~Raina Wood~

The Indianapolis Pipe Organ Festival was started in 2007 by the Indianapolis Chapter-AGO in partnership with St. Luke's United Methodist Church as a way for Guild members to perform in a concert setting outside of their regular worship services. Many of our members are top notch organists and each year a group of AGO members is selected to perform at the annual Indianapolis Pipe Organ Festival.  Church/synagogue members and the wider community does not always have the opportunity to see these organists perform in-depth organ literature outside of a worship service. Organists are sometimes limited in what they can perform due to time constraints for worship services and the musical tastes of each place of worship; this is their chance to shine.

Our hope is for the audience to gain a greater appreciation for organ music in general and at the same time discover the versatility of the organ and realize it still has a place in today's varied communities. Each year our audience will discover the versatility of the organ in producing music--whether it’s from 300 years ago or today’s more contemporary music. We strive to select a variety of repertoire that is listener friendly and showcases the organists and the organ; and at the same time try not to be the same-old, same-old. We also hope that each year’s program will be varied and will include music for solo organ, organ duets, organ and piano, organ and instruments, just to name a few.

The Indianapolis Pipe Organ Festival takes place at St. Luke’s United Methodist Church which is one of the largest churches in the state and houses one of the state's largest pipe organs. St. Luke's 4-manual, 80-rank Goulding & Wood pipe organ allows for a wide range of musical styles to be performed. We hope you will join us for our next presentation of the Indianapolis Pipe Organ Festival.

For more information e-mail us at tsaul@indyago.org

 picture from the 2011 Indianapolis Pipe Organ Festival

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